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MARK'S GOOD STUFF - Honey Bee BBQ Sauce 208.500đ Chai Gia Vị & Sốt

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“Mark” our words…this is one tasty sauce. When you bring out Mark’s you’re bringing out the best in your grilled, smoked or oven‑baked chicken and ribs. With a tangy‑sweet and savory sauce that blends tomatoes, paprika, rich molasses, garlic and ground mustard, it’s a must‑have in every BBQ lover’s cupboard. But that’s not all. Mark’s Good Stuff has two more tempting flavors like Cracked Pepper and Sweet N Spicy BBQ sauce to keep your taste buds tantalized. Try them all and find them in our condiment aisle. Handmade in Texas. Some folks hold back when it comes to the good stuff. They save it for special occasions and VIP guests. Not so with Mark's Lone Star Certified Good Stuff. We don't hold anything back. That's just how we roll.

Whether they are made in Texas, take on a familiar Texas shape or are inspired by local tastes, Totally Texas products remind us of everything we love about the Lone Star State.

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